Technology Department

Our Vision for Technology

Our mission is dedicated to advancing teaching and learning through the use of technology. The toughest challenge isn't keeping up with technology. Rather, it is understanding how to leverage it for the organization. In the past we faced limits. Now, learning isn't restricted by time and place. Today, we tap into a flow of conversation, a web-based learning ecology with a multitude of resources, that we can learn from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our vision is learning without limits by enhancing teaching pedagogy and engaging students utilizing innovative technology while preparing them for the future. Our goal is for every student to become a life-long learner equipped with 21st century skills to become responsible citizens in the global community.

  • Lifelong learners

These students are equipped with the skills necessary to learn outside the classroom over time. Critical thinking, clear communication, continuous reflection and collaboration are skills that top the list. A lifelong learner knows how to ask probing questions, seek multifaceted solutions and fail forward — not just come up with the answer. Much of their learning will happen online. This means that today’s students need to be explicitly taught how to acquire and evaluate digital content.

  • Student empowerment

When students are empowered, they take initiative. They are able to articulate their own thoughts and manage their own learning. Empowered students are self-directed and committed to seeing work through. They are able to apply a growth mindset philosophy to their own learning by practicing positive self-talk, setting attainable goals and actively go about reaching them.

  • Global citizenship

Globally competent individuals are empathetic, flexible and comfortable with ambiguity. They approach problem solving collaboratively and are able to process complex situations by considering multiple perspectives and using tools and techniques from across disciplines.

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Meet Our Team!

Domenic Sergio
Director of Technology

Sue Winters
Technology Assistant

Josh Gabrenas
Technology Assistant

Chris Tamulevich
Technology Assistant

Dan Arpide
Technology Assistant