Thanks and Credits

This page is a work in progress.

Thank you to Mitch Grosky for all his contributions, but in particular, for his photographic genius and tenacity. We used his photos in the ARRSD Slider Menu (except for the RCS image) and you will likely find his work all over our district as Mr. Grosky is an active supporter with a long history as a teacher, principal, and school committee member. If there is ever a school event that you missed, there is a good chance Mitch was there with his trusty camera. His facebook page is a an amazing collection of ARRSD history! You can find Mr. Grosky on facebook. Be sure to check him out!


Thanks to the late Chet Hall and the late Tom Darcy who were both honored at the opening of the Aces Community Elementary School in 2016. – these are some of the original graphics featured on the site at the time.


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