Mr. Tim Anderson

Welcome to my page. I teach special education at RCS, but what I post could be useful to any student. If you need to get in touch with me, just email. I will be monitoring my email daily during school hours. I hope you enjoy the bad math humor below.

Hello families. You will find new links every Tuesday and Thursday. But get ’em while they’re hot as I’ll be deleting them each week.

Who’s the best, RCS!!

The RCS mascot has been helping me to get some enrichment activities together for you while school is closed. It is not going to be anything NEW, but will be a practice of things that we have already learned in school. I hope that you enjoy what we come up with and please know that I will be calling you twice weekly to check-in and help you if you need it. I am already missing interacting with all of you. Be safe – Mr. Anderson

Printable Multiplication Chart:

4th Grade Math 6-10-20 Comparing Decimals

4th Grade ELA 6-10-20 Leveled Read Vampire Bats

5th Grade Math 6-10-20 Word Problems

5th Grade ELA 6-10-20 Sequence of Events

6th Grade Math 6-10-20 Ordered Pairs in Chess

6th Grade ELA 6-10-20 Sentence Structure

Additional Resources:

Grade 4 ELA Graphic Organizer

Grade 4 Math Reference Sheet

Grade 5 ELA Graphic Organizer

Grade 5 Math Reference Sheet

Grade 6 ELA Graphic Organizer

Grade 6 Math Reference Sheet

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