AHS Nurse Lajoie MSN RN NCSN

Physical and Mental health is very important here at Athol High School. On this page you will find many tips and resources that can help!

Mediation + Breathing

Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing is a very helpful form of meditation. It focuses on each breath that is inhaled and exhaled. Deep breathing meditation is used to reduce anxiety, stress, and symptoms of

Square Breathing

Square breathing is a great method to calm someone with anxiety. It is used by inhaling and holding a breath, and exhaling and holding a breath. By doing this your body is forced to focus on the slow, easy breaths and in return calms your racing heart, dizziness, and fast breathing .

Drugs + Addiction

What is addiction? Addiction is a condition where an individual is dependent on something whether it be a particular substance, alcohol, or activity.

These are a few of many resources for addiction help:

  • SAMHSA National Helpline 1-800-662- 4357

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