Which Reading Format is the Best?

There is a common controversy about whether or not electronic books are better than physical books, and even audiobooks can come into the topic. Along with this are frequent misconceptions, assumptions, or things that are flat out false. As the world grows, technology will too, which is why electronic books have become increasingly more popular. People don’t have the time to sit down, read a good book, and continue their schedule like they used to. Often times, people who read electronic books can find small bits to read here and there without stressing about having to return an overdue book or where to get the book at all, whereas physical copy readers have to go out to buy the books or worry about online purchases. Audiobook readers, or listeners rather, only have the stress of needing to know page numbers or go back to listen to a line again.

The benefits are nearly equal to the disadvantages for all three categories. If you like reading late at night, e-books are your go to. If you prefer listening because it’s less of an eyestrain, audiobooks should do the trick! Then, naturally if you enjoy the authentic feeling the most, you would read physical copies. Ultimately, it is just based on your choice and preference. There are some things that are better than others, but it’s all subjective. For every positive attribute of one of these options, there are still one or two more that could be seen as negative. If you want to become more technologically advanced, electronic books are definitely a good place to start. Though, more often than not, that’s already happening! Cheaper, and more mobile, reading books online is an absolute plus!

Another thing is that people who read manga won’t have to do it by purchasing the entire set. Reading their favorite genres and books is so much easier to do online, and usually for free too! Websites regularly update specific manga so if you follow along with it frequently, you can read the update instead of purchasing an entire volume, then having to wait even longer for the next one.

Again, the only person that knows what is the best option for you is you! You can always try and explore different options, but what makes someone comfortable with reading is what they choose. Plus, if you haven’t done any of these options, starting with one is better than remaining with none! Just because you prefer reading electronically or listening to the book’s audio doesn’t make you any less of a reader than someone who prefers print copies. We’re all readers, no matter how we do it.


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