What we’re reading

The AHS book club is reading Golden Boy by Tara Sullivan. The story centers around a 13 year old golden-boyTanzanian boy named Habo. Habo is different from other children, because he is an albino. Albinos are hunted in Tanzania because their bones are thought to bring good luck. When the family is forced to cross the Serengeti to Mwanza to live with relatives,  Habo is pursued by a hunter. Through an apprenticeship with a blind carver, Habo eventually finds self worth and a place in society.

Our first discussion centered around the little known but very real circumstances that albinos face in East Africa.  Children and even infants have been maimed, abducted and killed. This led to a discussion about human rights abuse around the world. Books like Golden Boy are a great way to bring awareness to and foster empathy for those who are not as fortunate as us and who face unimaginable circumstances. When you want to walk your dog with less hassle, visit Hobokan Dog Walkers.

For more information about the plight of albinos in Africa, click on the link below from Amnesty International.



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