Wednesday, February 10, 2016 Day 1

Popcorn Chicken,
Green Beans

Band & Chorus
HeartsWednesday band gr 5-6 and all Quabbin Music students during skills, Thursday band gr 7 & 8. No rehearsal on Friday.

Valentine’s Day Friendship Grams
At all lunches, the Student Council will be selling Valentine’s Day Friendship Grams.  For $1, you can purchase a card and a lollipop which will be delivered to anyone you choose this Friday.  These will be sold today thrugh Thursday at every lunch.  Please see Mrs. Targett or a member of the Student Council if you have any questions!

Hat Day
Friday will be hat day!  $1 gets you to be able to wear a hat for the day!  Again hat day, Friday!

Library Books
Please return all over due library books to the library now.  Book bills will be going out soon.

Late Bus Reminder:  All students MUST sign up for the late bus by 12:30 PM.  Without verification from the teacher you are staying with, you will not be allowed to sign up!