Thursday, May 26, 2016 Day 1

Chicken Tenders,
Mashed Potato,
California Vegetables,
Sweet Potato

Multicultural Festival
Multicultural Festival is coming on June 9! Don’t forget to bring back your permission slips. Stay after on Tuesdays with
Mrs. G to get ready

Semi-formal Dance
Semi-formal Dance for 6,7 & 8 graders on June 10 from 7-9. No Jeans, must follow school dress code.

Band & Chorus
Thurs. & Fri. chorus gr. 5-8. Be at all rehearsals on time – parade is Mon. for band and Multicultural night is June
for chorus.

Please return all overdue books to the library now during homeroom… Thanks you The library will be closed all day today.

The Dramatics Theater Club
The Dramatics Theater Club will meet on Stage: Tuesday, May 31 from 2-4 pm, Wednesday, June 1 from 2-4 pm and Thursday,

June 2 from 2-5 pm. All members of cast and crew MUST attend all meetings. Cast will bring costumes.

7th Grade Raffle
The 7th grade team will be holding a raffle Tuesday, May 24 – Friday, May 27 on stage at lunchtimes. Don’t miss

your chance to win a cute and cuddly stuffed animal. If your name is picked you get to choose which adorable bear to
take home! Tickets on sale Tuesday – Friday on stage. 25 cents each or 5 for $1.00!

We will be taking payment for yearbooks. Price for yearbooks are now $35 – get yours reserved before its too late…

Late Bus Reminder

All students MUST sign up for the late bus by 12:30 PM. Without verification from the teacher you are staying with, you

will not be allowed to sign up!