Thursday, February 11, 2016 Day 2

Chicken Tenders,
Mashed Potato,
Dinner Roll,
Chocolate & Vanilla Pudding

Band & Chorus
Thursday band gr 7 & 8. No rehearsal on Friday.

Valentine’s Day Friendship GramsHearts

At all lunches, the Student Council will be selling Valentine’s Day Friendship Grams.  For $1, you can purchase a card and a lollipop which will be delivered to anyone you choose this Friday.  These will be sold today through Thursday at every lunch.  Please see Mrs. Targett or a member of the Student Council if you have any questions!

Hat DaySombrero
Friday will be hat day!  $1 gets you to be able to wear a hat for the day!  Again hat day, Friday!



Please return all over due library books to the library now.  Book bills will be going out soon.


Late Bus Reminder:  school_bus
All students MUST sign up for the late bus by 12:30 PM.  Without verification from the teacher you are staying with, you will not be allowed to sign up!