The Heart-warming True Story of the Riverbend Garden and the Mysterious Stranger

Our Garden

      With effort, we grew a bunch of vegetables in our  Riverbend School garden.  Last spring, we took the grass out and left the soil behind. Next, we planted the seeds and covered them with a lot of hay.  Then, we waited over summer vacation for them to grow.

When school was back in session, we found the garden had made good progress.  We had potatoes, big pumpkins, bumpy yellow gourds, green beans, hot peppers,  and dark green kale.   We were feeling so good until some of our produce went missing!

Not everything was gone, but someone has snipped our huge, open sunflowers.  The biggest pumpkins and almost all the gourds were missing too.  We were disappointed!  We put a sign in the garden asking, “Why?”

At least, there was still a lot left.  We invited parents to come and we cooked roasted potatoes, kale with garlic and homemade applesauce.  On a different day, we carved some of our pumpkins for Halloween.

One day in November, we were amazed because a mysterious stranger had left squash in our garden. We decided to bake this squash  and share it with the school on our day-before-Thanksgiving-all-school snack.

The garden taught us patience, responsibility and the value of giving to others.  Also, it showed us helping people feels good.  We sure felt happy when we got this mystery squash!

By  Justin Vazquez, Anais Portocerrero, Keith Smith, Jade Chapalonis, Nick Smith, and Hailey Walker

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