The ARRSD Elementary Character Trait for March 2017 was “Successful”


The ARRSD elementary schools Character Trait for March 2017 was “Successful.”  Shown above are Mrs. Schwab’s Learning Target charts for the Successful trait, and the Zones of Regulation, by Leah Kuypers.  Mrs. Schwab taught “Successful” Character Trait lessons to seven Kindergarten through 6th Grade classes at RCS, and to twelve classes at ACES in Kindergarten through 4th Grade. Students learned about the four color “Zones” of emotions which include: GREEN: calm, focused, happy, ready to learn, YELLOW: Confused, Frustrated, Scared, RED: Angry, Overwhelmed, Mad,Terrified, BLUE: Sad, Sick, Hurt and Tired.  Students watched a short video from You Tube, based on the Zones of Regulation, called, “Calm Down and Release the Amygdala.”  The link for this video is:   Classes then learned and practiced calm down skills from the Zones of Regulation book, and other skills, such as taking slow “belly breaths,” thinking about positive, calm thoughts, and doing Brain Gym, QiGong, or Yoga exercises.  We learned to be “Successful” with staying in the “Green Zone,” using self-regulation skills.  Students also made “Successful” Character Trait posters, and some were displayed around Royalston Community School.  Pictured below are students from RCS talking in small groups, learning, and drawing about the Zones of Regulation, and the Successful Character Trait during March.


“Green Zone” smiles from Mrs. Drouin’s 1st Grade class, during Mrs. Schwab’s Classroom Guidance presentation on the Successful Character Trait in March 2017.


RCS 1st Graders point to students in the picture who are using “Green Zone” calm down skills. Students circled the children in their picture who were showing calm down skills.IMG_5461

Noah, a 1st Grade student in Mrs. Drouin’s class, displays his “Green Zone” calm down work.  Smiling is a “Green Zone” feeling!

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