Term 3 High Honors and Honor Roll

High Honors Term 3










High Honors 3rd Term(Above Right):

Front row(Left to Right): Haley Wrigley, Colby Soltysik, Kayden Mousseau, Krystal McCulley, Aryah Lee, Grace Dufour, Isabella Cooke 

Back row (Left to right): Angel Rivera, Molly Divoll, Francine Morlock-Rajaniei, Lilly-Beth Linnell, Ryan Warner, Amanda Fuller, Crista Jillson, Marley Aldrich, Lauren Mack, Kylie Soltysik, Emily Vescovi, Nicholas Wornham, Mercedez Young

Honor Roll 3rd Term(Above left):
Front row (Left to Right):
Melissa Aguirre, William Freeman, Zackery Aldrich,Kaleb Her, Deborah Jette-smith, Keely Leeman, Cierra Lichtenberger, Anthony Marcucci, Cynthia Morales, Jack Robinson Jr, Parker Deleo, Matthew Stevens,

Second row (Left to Right):
Jenna St.Cry, Julia Carey, Desmond Pottinger, Dennis St.Jean, Jocelyn Trenga, Analyse Merlini, Autumn McCollor, Abigail Roberts, Anthony Oro, Connor Arpide, Mason Barrieau,

Third row (Right to Left):
Destiny Wrigley, Savannah Smart-Gray, Natasha Castillo-Vargas, Chase Michaud, Brianna Cauley, Ashley Drew, Andrew King, Kassandra Frazier, Kyla Citrowski, Emily Davis, Colby Newcombe, Haylie Baker,

Forth row (Right to Left):

Robbie Nelson, Destiny Ricko, Julia Carey, James Laford, Daniel Arpide, Tyler Boyd, Sean Fisher, Caleb Jennings, Gregory Moore, Hudson Carlson, Kirsten Newell, Mia Swenson.
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