Sun & Bugs

Springtime has brought the black flies and the summertime temperatures have brought sunburns. Sunburns are potentially harmful when sustained early in life. Parents are encouraged to teach their children the importance of sun protection and to apply sunscreen daily to help protect their child/children from the harmful effects of UVB exposure from the sun. Large brimmed hats and sunglasses are helpful in decreasing sun exposure to the face and eyes. It is necessary for parents to provide sunscreen, insect repellent and written permission, if you wish to have these products applied at school.

We have seen several wood ticks at RCS following outdoor activity, such as recess. Students have been encouraged to brush off, shake their heads and have a partner check their backs before re-entering the building.
A great way to prevent bugs from biting is to use insect repellents. But it’s important to use them carefully and correctly. The most common repellents contain DEET. The amount of DEET in products varies, but the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that products for children should contain less than 30 percent DEET. Read repellent labels carefully and always be sure to follow all directions and precautions. Apply the repellent to clothing or exposed skin only. Only use spray repellents outside to avoid inhaling them.

Please check the side bar postings for Tick and Tick removal information.

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