Student Photos

Geography Bee

Photo Credits: Mitch Grosky

Congratulations to the Geo Bee participants! All had qualified for the Bee by having some of the top scores in their grade on the qualifying test. At the event, the showed impressive geographic knowledge. They were also kind and supportive of each other. Om Patel was the winner and Rylee Boudreau came in second. Strong participants included: Madden Dicks, Rylee Walsh, Aiden McNamara, Autumn Knetchel, Ayden Charron, Jaiden Mikels, Om Patel, Rylee Boudreau, Aaron Oullet, Jonah Paulino, Kaleb Pierce, Dylan Wornham, and Gergia Powell.

Door decorating challenge

Spirit Week Photos

Red, White and Black Day

Superhero and Fictional Character Day

Pajama/Sports Team Day

Community Reading Day

Veterans Day 2019

New Chromebooks X 3 for ELA

Ms. Vorce’s students show excitement for their new Chromebooks!

Ms. Gricziks’s class is ready to get to work!

Some of the students in Ms. Songer and Dr. O’Brien’s 8th Grade ELA class show off their new Chromebook cart.

8th Grade Science

Eighth Grade in November- We are currently working on mastering the standard 8.MS-ESS1-2 This standard involves explaining the role of gravity in ocean tides, the orbital motions of planets, their moons, and asteroids in the solar system. The students were trying to find the answer to the question:How does gravity affect the objects in the solar system?

Students created a “gravity well” using material and various spherical objects to test out what happens.

7th Grade Science

Mr Sautter’s 7th grade science class search for macroinvertebrates in Lake Ellis to study how matter and energy are transferred among living and nonliving parts of an ecosystem.

Lego Robotics

Mr. Anderson’s students learn programming while creating with Lego Robotics.

English Language Learners Educate Peers on Global Climate Change, and Participate in Other Activities

English language learners at ARMS have been actively involved in their community lately.  Spurred to action by the international youth climate marches, they have researched causes and effects of global climate change and held several  teach-ins on their findings for their peers.  Also, they assisted at the Royalston Historical Society candle light cemetery tours by enacting the historical life stories of some of the 18th and 19th century residents  interred in the Old Center.  In addition, some students  have been helping after school with creating the new mural on Main Street Athol.  Learning is more powerful when it is connected to real life applications.  

Art Supply Donation

5th grade’s gratitude for the donated art supplies from an outside company, A.C.T

National Junior Honor Society Makes Connections

NJHS students are reading books and completing a character puppet with Mrs. Darlene Goldthwaite’s Kindergarten class at ACES Thursday, October 24th.

7th Grade Science

Students in Mr. Sautter‘s 7th grade science class obtain and grow their own soil bacteria, with the help of an incubator to optimize growth, to better understand ecosystem population dynamics.

Mr Sautter’s 7th Grade Science Classes

“Students study “tree cookies” or cross sections of trees to study dendrochronology and dendroclimatology.

Studying the growth rings of trees can provide evidence of resource availability and historical climate.”

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