Student Photos

Mr. Sautter’s 7th grade science class is collecting speed data in the gym to calculate kinetic energy. Sprinters are Dakota Choquette, Koda Tolppa and Anthony Lopez`. Kinetic Energy (KE) = 0.5 x Mass (kg) x Speed2

Students vs Staff Basketball Game

Quabbin Valley Music Educators Association Concert – 48th Annual Junior/Senior High School Festival Concert 

10 ARMS Musicians performed in the 48th Annual Junior/Senior High School Festival Concert this past Saturday, February 8th at Belchertown High School. Students performed alongside musicians from over ten area middle schools.

Futures Feast

Geography Bee

Congratulations to the Geo Bee participants! All had qualified for the Bee by having some of the top scores in their grade on the qualifying test. At the event, the showed impressive geographic knowledge. They were also kind and supportive of each other. Om Patel was the winner and Rylee Boudreau came in second. Strong participants included: Madden Dicks, Rylee Walsh, Aiden McNamara, Autumn Knetchel, Ayden Charron, Jaiden Mikels, Om Patel, Rylee Boudreau, Aaron Oullet, Jonah Paulino, Kaleb Pierce, Dylan Wornham, and Gergia Powell.

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