Steps to Respect Bullying Prevention Classroom Lessons with Mrs. Schwab

PhotoStepstoRespectMrsHeuerClass 2 2015Mrs. Heuer’s 3rd Grade class completes their Steps to Respect Bullying Prevention lessons with Mrs. Schwab, Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Schwab is has completed teaching the Steps to Respect bullying prevention curriculum to Mrs. Heuer’s 3rd grade, Mrs. St. Jean’s 3rd grade, and Ms. Robertson’s 4th grade, and she will soon complete the program with Mrs. Robinson’s 4th grade class. Students learned how to recognize what bullying looks like, how to report bullying to two to three teachers, the school nurse, the guidance counselor or principal, and to their parents/guardians.  Students also learned how to be active bystanders, and how to get teacher or school staff help if they experience, see or hear bullying behaviors.  Students also learned that they have to take responsibility for not bullying others.  Students enjoyed cooperative games, and role plays on bullying prevention skills.

PhotoStepstoRespectAshanti3rdStJean 2 2015

Mrs. Schwab and Ashanti, 3rd grader, role play bullying refusal skills such as walking away calmly while taking deep breaths, assertively telling a student to stop doing bullying behavior, if one feels safe to do so, and then reporting the incident to two to three teachers, school staff, and parents/guardians.

PhotoStepstoRespectTavarisandSarah4thRobertson 2 2015

Tavaris and Sarah, 4th graders in Ms. Robertson’s class, role play with Mrs. Schwab how to use their Steps to Respect skills to make a new friend.

PhotoStepstoRespectConallandShyanne4thRobertson 2 2015

Conall and Shyanne, 4th graders in Ms. Robinson’s class, learn about the positive power of “put ups,” or saying kind words and compliments to others, during Mrs. Schwab’s Steps to Respect classroom lessons.

If parents/guardians would like to talk with Mrs. Schwab about their child, please call Mrs. Schwab at Pleasant Street School at (978) 249-2405, Ext. 306.




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