Sight Word Practice

Hi being fast at sight words helps your child be a smart reader. When you know these frequent words, you can concentrate on understanding the authors’ meaning instead of just struggling with the sounds in the word. So practice, practice practice….

Like all my assignments, this can be a family project. Push the learning a little but stop before anyone gets frustrated. Stay in touch!

I left small books at your houses last Saturday to practice sight words. Please read 2 of them. On the next page of the journal, please write the date. Then, have your child copy the title of the book that was best. Then, draw a picture of what could happen next if the story went on longer. Now, let the child write 5 – 10 words from the books in the journal. Have the child read them back. If it feels good, you could have a spelling contest with them.

Extra practice: Here are some free on-line resources for practicing sight words:

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