September Newsletter


September 9, 2013

I hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy some of the beautiful weather we had this weekend. Before we know it, much cooler weather will be here and we will be wishing for warm, sunshiny days.

Today we will be getting our first set of spelling words. Please have your child study and practice these words nightly. We will have our first spelling test this Friday. The words start out easy but they will get harder and I may even throw in some challenge words. I have decided to hold off until next week to begin our homework. Each homework sheet will be labeled “homework” so you will know which sheet your child needs to do that night. Please have your child return the finished homework the next day for a sticker on his/her chart. Late homework does not receive a sticker (unless your child is ill) but will still be recorded as being turned in for report card grades. This is to help set the foundation for future years of homework and to help develop responsibility for school work. Your child should have a pencil, crayons, glue and scissors at home for some of the homework assignments throughout the year.

Open House this year will be on September 24. We will also have our annual bookfair set up in the café. Open House will be a time to come view our classroom and some of the work your child has been doing. I hope to see all of you there!!

Picture day is coming! Our fall pictures will be on Sept. 24 (same day as Open House). More information will be going home about the pictures and the prices. Look for order forms soon!!

Please make sure your child has a snack for our 10:15 break. Also, water bottles may be used during class however I prefer they have a flip top on them and not a screw cap. This is to prevent any spills on the desk. Also only water may be kept in them if they are to be used on the desk.

Our first book order went home last week. If you would like to purchase books for your child please send in a check made out to Scholastic Books by Sept. 12. This is a great way to get some easy readers for your child and it helps out our classroom at the same time.

We will be doing an apple taste test this week. We will be tasting 3 different types of apples and graphing our results of our favorite flavor. Please let me know if your child cannot eat apples as soon as possible.

If you have not returned the “Getting To Know Your Child” paper yet, please send it in as soon as possible. This is a great way for me to see what interests your child has and if there are any concerns you have. Also, I am still missing a few registration forms. Please send those in this week.

Because of some allergies in our classroom, the school is asking that no snacks with peanuts or tree nuts be sent in. Thank you!

Dates To Remember

September 12 Book Order Due

September 24 Picture Day

September 24 Open House

September 25 Half Day- Prof. Dev. Day

I hope to meet all of you at our Open House!!

Holly Cetto





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