Schwab Sub Plans

For each class, all grades:
Please take attendance on the Class Lists I will fax to the ACES office.
Read the Classroom Guidance Rules aloud to the class.
Read the Learning Target and Introduce the topic of the Marine Biologist career.
Explain that Marine Biologists are scientists who study the ocean, and the fish, ocean mammals, and plants (seaweed, coral), and other life forms in the ocean.
For all grades show one or more of these information links, with photos, and information you can read aloud to the classes, and video links below, and have students turn and talk to a partner, about what they learned that marine biologists were doing in the video, then as a class, call on a few students to share what they learned.
Find the labeled pack of worksheets for each class, and hand out after showing a couple of videos, or reading a book if necessary. Ask the students to take their worksheets home please. What is a marine biologist, 3rd – 4th Grade: read aloud some of the first paragraph to students

Kindergarten – 6th Grade VIDEO: WHOI DOLPHINS ASSIST MARINE BIOLOGISTS WITH RESEARCH: Please xplain that this marine biologist, is working together with a trained dolphin, who is trained to swim and chase a remote controlled toy boat, and then the marine biologist uses a plastic bottle to measure how much air (oxygen the dolphin is breathing, and how fast the dolphin can swim – the computer that is attached with Not painful suction cups to it’s back):

VIDEO: Kindergarten – 4th Grade,
Marine Biologist video: scroll down till you get to the marine biologist video, there are two links for this video, use whichever one works:

MORE Videos and photo webpages for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades:

WHOI: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute website: you can show them photos of the marine biology research science ships, and the submersibles (which are carried on the ships and lowered down into the water, with scientists inside them, because these are small subs, and not able to cruise long distances):

*PHOTOS: WHOI Research Ships:

*VIDEO, and photos: WHOI Submersibles:

If the internet is not working, you can read the small square ocean fish book to K, 1st, and 2nd grades. You can read and show pictures from some of the older level ocean books to 3rd and 4th grade classes that are up on my white board tray.

There is an ocean fish and mammals sorting card game, my suggestions is that you collect these in packs of four, and keep on my desk, and do the worksheets instead.
9:10 – 9:55 My room, B211, first room on the left on the second floor, after the library: Miss. Gesner’s 1st Grade class comes to my room.
Anaz joins his class from Mrs. McLaughlin’s room, he sits in a rocking chair for the lesson, near my desk, and I give him a Koosh ball to borrow, from the top right hand drawer of my desk, there are a couple of other students who might benefit from a Koosh ball as well in that class.

9:55- 10:35 I usually see students in counseling during this period. You can ask the office where you are needed.

10:35- 11:20 My room, B211, Mrs. Ludwig’s 1st grade class comes to my room. Mrs. Terry Allen, Cheyenne’s 1 to 1 Para, stays with the class in my classroom during the lesson. Cheyenne needs to be allowed to go to the bathroom anytime. Domenik sits a a table usually, or in a chair, so does Kobyn, they each have checkmark charts, and they know how to set their timers, and give themselves checkmarks (Kobyn does circles) for positive behavior every 15 – 20 minutes or so. Jesse M. sits in a rocking chair near my desk offer him a Koosh ball from my top left hand drawer to hold till end of lesson.

11:20 – 11:45 I eat my lunch

11:45 – 12:30 Go to Room A114, 1st floor, first room on the left, Mrs. Kapiloff’s 4th grade class

12:30 – 12:45 Short break, and time to walk back to my room, B211.

12:45 – 1:30 My Room, B211, Mrs. Cetto’s 2nd grade class

1:30 – 2:15 My room, B211, Mrs. Maillet’s Kindergarten class

2:15 – 3:00, go to Room A111, Mrs. Lefevre’s 3rd grade class, her room, is the 2nd door on the right going down the 1st floor 3rd grade hall. You will need to ask the students to clean up, an stack their chairs about 2:55, and line up for dismissal inside the class, then walk them down to the lobby. Y-ACES students are dismissed first, and after school clubs, or after school tutoring are also dismissed first.

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