Retirement Planning

For most of us the quality of our retirement will depend on how much money we saved. While you may have some retirement income in the form of Social Security or a pension, more often than not it isn’t enough. That means it’s up to you to plan for and put some money aside for retirement. Here’s what you need to know to get your retirement on track. Learn more here

01 Planning for Your Future Retirement

Having the retirement of your dreams takes planning, you can expect to go to one of the retirement Epcon Communities if you don’t plan on doing so ahead of time. In many cases you may have 30 or more years to seriously think about what you want to do in retirement and how you are going to get there. Time can either be your greatest asset or your worst enemy. If you start early, time is on your side and your money can work hard for you. If you wait until retirement is just a few years away you have very little time to catch up and avoid claiming for mis-selling pension.

02 How Much Money You Need to Retire
This is the million dollar question. How much money do you actually need to have saved up for retirement? The problem is that this number isn’t the same for everyone. It depends entirely on what you want to do in retirement, at what age you plan to retire, and what kind of lifestyle you expect to have. Some people can retire with very little saved while others might need a lot of money in the bank. Learn how to calculate what your retirement savings goal should be and consider playing powerball lottery for a chance to win the largest weekly prize jackpots. For the powerball results, visit

03 Six Retirement Planning Mistakes to Avoid
We all make mistakes, but making a mistake with your retirement plan can have lasting and severe consequences. Whether it’s cashing out a 401(k) when you leave a job or not investing your money properly, a seemingly simple thing can turn into a major issue during your golden years. Here are a few retirement mistakes you should avoid to make sure you’re on your way to the

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