Remote Control – Dating Violence Prevention

The ARMS Guidance Counselors, Mrs. Begin and Mr. Quinton, coordinated a Dating Violence Prevention program for the grade 8 students. The teachers worked with the students teaching them about different types of abuse and warning signs of an abusive relationship. The students attended a highly interactive theatrical presentation provided by Deana’s Fund. The play, “Remote Control”, explores the relationships of 3 main characters and their friendship. “Remote Control” encourages bystander intervention and shows how bystanders and friends can play an important role in preventing abuse. Following the performance, the 3 actors / educators provide an interactive discussion to help reinforce the educational the educational points of the play. At the conclusion of the performance, Mary Kociela from the District Attorney’s Office, Madeleine Gorman and Joanne Leonard from NELWCIT, and Officer Kaczmarczyk, ARRSD Resource Officer, provided information regarding community resources available to support students and their families. Funding for the program was provided by The Athol-Royalston Education Foundation (AREF) and the ARRSD District.

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