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RCS Kindergarten Newsletter
Happy Holidays!
December 22, 2015

BIG THANKS to Mrs. Jennifer Sonnabend for taking, printing the pictures and creating the stockings to give to YOU as a gift from your child! YOU ARE SO KIND!

Things to work on at home
Letter and sounds
Trick Words
writing letters and numbers
tying shoes
beginning and ending sounds
vowel sounds

January Family Project
We will continue to study non-fiction/informational books. Please create a project however you’d like to research something of interest to your child. Animals, planets and dinosaurs are a few that come to mind. 😉 Please send these in anytime during the month of January.

Special Thanks
Thank you to Leanna’s grandmother for making the adorable stocking treats! Thank you to Noah Linskey’s mom for sending in holiday stickers and stamps for us each to have! How thoughtful! Thank you to Kaylee’s mom for making the yummy treats to share! Thank you to everyone for sending in food and drinks so share at our Holiday Party!!!!!

I have some bowls, cookie cutters to return if you are missing any!

Upcoming dates
12/24-1/2 Holiday Break
1/15 No School for students (PD for teachers)
1/18 No School MLK Day
1/22 PTG Fundraiser Rollerskating @ Orange Armory 6-8:00
2/3 ½ Day
2/15-2/19 February vacation
Donations appreciated
classroom snacks

Happy Holidays!!!
Mrs. Willhite 🙂
Mrs. Hopkins 🙂

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