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Kindergarten Newsletter
October 2, 2015

Weekly Books
If able please collect the weekly books and keep them in a bag at home. The more they read, the better readers they will become! Remind them to point to each word as they read. Some reading strategies to use when coming to an unfamiliar word is “Eagle Eye” (looking at the pictures for help) and “Lips the Fish” (looking at the first letter in the word, getting your mouth ready and looking at the picture). We will be talking about these strategies in the weeks to come.

Upcoming dates
10-5-15 PTG Meeting 3:30
10-7-15 National Walk to School Day
10-8-15 Pumpkins Scarecrow Making 6-7:30
10-9-15 No School (Professional Development Day)
10-12-15 (No School Columbus Day)
10-14-15 RCS Picture Day
10-23-15 Red Apple Farm trip 8:45-11:15
10-28-15 Half Day

Special Thanks
Naomi Parker…thank you for your classroom donations of legos!!!
Thank you to Jackie McKaen, Steph Kapise, Jennifer Sonnabend and Kassandra Blake for selling snacks for our “Snack Attack”. We raised over $200.00 !!!!!!
Thank you to the parents who sent in some AWESOME snacks….some even sent in 2 days worth! Thank you!

Your children are ROCK STARS. They have been working so hard in class. In math they are continuing to manipulate numbers to 5. They are beginning to understand what the number 5 actually means as mathematicians. There is more than 1 way to make the number 5! It’s just so crazy! They have begun “Read To Self” during Reader’s Workshop. They know to
use a whisper voice, stay in one spot, read the whole time, eyes on book and to get started right away. We are building up our Reading Stamina and we are up to 4 minutes of being totally engaged into our own books! Can I get a WOOT WOOT!!!!!

Ask them about the word “perseverance”!

Thank you for your continued support!
Mrs. Willhite 🙂
Mrs. Hopkins 🙂

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