RCS Kindergarten ROCKS!

Kindergarten Newsletter
September 25, 2015

Special THANKS
Thanks so the LaPointe family for picking up our caterpillars…AGAIN!
Thanks to Mrs. Kapise for coming in to help with a project in the classroom!
Thanks to Mrs. Basso for coming in daily to help us pack up!
Thanks to Mrs. Charron for coming to help with snack time!
Thanks to Mrs. Sonnabend for being an extra set of hands!
Thank you to Mrs. Cummings for sending in a big box of Gold Fish to use for our Fish Graph!
Thank you to the many who continue to send in classroom supplies and snacks…I don’t know who you are but you are SO appreciated!

Thanks to Mr. Snell and our 6th grade buddies for taking us on a Nature Hike!!!!

Things to work on at home
Letters and sounds (B, F,T N)…
“Trick Words” (I, see,am a)
Tying shoes
READING together!
Self help skills

Donating to Snack Attack
Jenn Basso
Katie Shortis
Kassandra Blake
Jackie McKean
Steph Kapise

Selling Snacks
Jackie McKean (Thursday and Friday)
Happy Fall,
Mrs. Willhite 🙂
Mrs. Hopkins:)

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