RCS Kindergarten Rocks!

Kindergarten Newsletter
September 18, 2015

Can I get a “Woop Woop!!!” What a GREAT week!

FIRST ever 100% attendance at Open House! Thank you for your incredible support!

Things to work on at home
Letters and sounds (B, F and T)
“Trick Words” (I, see)
Tying shoes
READING together!
Self help skills
Upcoming Events
Student ½ day (lunch served 12:00 dismissal)Wednesday, September 23rd

So far…
Chaperones for Red Apple Farm (PENDING CORI CHECKS
Jenn Basso
Jenn Sonnabend
Katie Shortis
Allison Hautanen
Elaine Chapman
Kassandra Blake
Ashley Charron
Tom Cummings
Emily Cummings
Felicia Foisy (?)
Evan Foisy (?)
Brittany Newton (?)
Stephanie Kapise
Kristen Higgens

Donating to Snack Attack
Jenn Basso
Katie Shortis
Kassandra Blake
Jackie McKean
Steph Kapise

I am so excited about your child’s love for reading. Please remind them to point under EACH word as they read. This helps with tracking. Also, when they come to a word that they don’t know, remind them to look at the beginning letter for the sound as they connect to pictures for help (this is called “cross checking”.) Reading should be FUN and a nice way to snuggle your “little”. Enjoy this time together.
Mrs. Willhite 🙂
Mrs. Hopkins:)

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