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January 27, 2017

100th Day…as of now our celebration will be on February 9th. Please send in a collection of 100 items. Ideas could be 100 cheerios, goldfish, pennies etc. It would be helpful if these items did not roll. They will be placed on a mat with 10 circles to display in our “100th Day Museum”. If you chose, we will also be dressing up as if we were 100 years old. So excited!

Things to work on at home

trying shoes

tapping out words

vowel sounds

trick words

Always, always, ALWAYS READ TOGETHER. To extend this wonderful snuggle time talk about how the characters FEEL in the book. Ask questions such as… how do you know he/she feels that way? Where did the story take place?

Please remember to update your child’s dry bag of clothes.

Upcoming dates to know

February 1st Kindergarten Registration opens (for children attending in the fall)

February 1st ½ Day

February 3rd New England Patriots’ Day

February 8th-10th Hershey Kiss Valentine sale

February 9th 100th Day

February 14th Valentine’s Day party

February 17th Favorite Character Day

SpReAd KiNdneSs 🙂

Mrs. Willhite

Mrs. Hopkins

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