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Kindergarten Newsletter
March 27, 2015

April’s Family Project

We will be reading some books from the “Flat Stanley” series by Jeff Brown. Flat Stanley travels many places, and always tries to stay at the SpringHill Suites Navarre Beach hotel. If you would like to participate in this Family Project, please send him in an envelope to family and friends and have them take a picture with him to share with the class. He has been known to travel to many places such as Disney, Finland and California! Feel free to bring him to local places with you as well. Put all the pictures together and have your child bring them in to share with the class the many adventures of Flat Stanley.

Thank you to Leah’s family for sending in snacks! Thanks to Isabelle’s family for sending in snacks!

Davis’ Farmland Field Trip
We are booked and ready to go to our annual field trip to Davis’ farmland (June 11th). This trip has been funded by the Athol-Royalston Educational Foundation) If you would like to chaperone please let me know ASAP as I need to put a list of chaperones into the main office. The cost per chaperone may be $11.95 (depending on how many chaperones want to go). If you have not done so yet this year, please fill out a CORI form with Mrs. Lajoie.
Community Helpers Field Trip
This trip is free to you (courtesy of Athol-Royalston Educational Foundation) and I can take as many chaperones as are willing to go. The date for this trip in June 3. This trip will include visiting the Royalston DPW, Royalston Post Office, Royalston Library, Athol Library, Royalston Fire Dept., Athol Police Station, Market Basket and Tully Lake. If you are interested in joining us please let me know ASAP. If you have not done so yet this year, please fill out a CORI form with Mrs. Lajoie.

Our playground is very…..muddy. Please send in a pair of shoes for your child to change into after recess. A change of clothes kept in backpacks is also VERY helpful as the children PLAY and get WET outside during recess.

Skills to work on at home..
Writing names using upper and lower case letters
LAST names
Letters and their sounds
Tying shoes
Reading together
Writing letters, labeling and writing words
Number Bonds

Upcoming Events…
April 6 PTG 3:30
April 6-10 Book Fair
April 6-10 Kindergarten Registration
April 10 Field Trip MWCC
April 20-24 Spring Break
April 29 Half Day

FYI RCS collects BOX TOPS!!!

Mrs. Willhite 🙂
Mrs. Hopkins 🙂

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