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Kindergarten Newsletter
June 5, 2015

Thank you to the chaperones that came along on our “Community Helpers Field Trip”! The children learned lots! Thank you to AFEF (www.atholroyalstonfoundation.org) for funding this amazing trip!

We are looking forward to Kindergarten Celebration Night. This is the most special night of the year (I’m not biased of course 😉 !!!!! Thank you all for offering to send in food and drinks. See you Monday night at 6:30 (please have children here by 6:15).

Upcoming Events…
June 5 RCS Art Show 6-7
June 8 Kindergarten Celebration Night 6:30
June 11 Davis’ Farmland Field Trip 8:30-2:30
June 12 Field Day LOOKING for Volunteers
June 17 Spring Concert 6:00 @ RCS rain date 18
June 19 Rain date Walk-a-thon at RCS

Happy 13 Days Left!!!!
Mrs. Willhite 🙂
Mrs. Hopkins 🙂


Field Trip Chaperones

Davis’ Farmland
June 11
Alisha Cummings
Christine May
Ashley Charron (Kylie’s mom)
Ashley Charron (Ayden’s mom)
Lisa Pina
Jill Sherman
Susan Case
As long as Davis’ Farmland is OPEN we will be GOING. Their website will be updated if weather forces them to close. Please watch the weather and dress your child appropriately. I’m hoping for a nice day so that the children (and adults 😉 are able to cool off in the water and bubble area of the park. Please send your child in with a bathing suit and towel. Please apply sunscreen and bug spray at home. Please don’t forget to pack your child a bagged lunch and extra water to drink. If sending in money to the gift shop put it in a LABELED envelope. It will be up to the groups chaperone if he/she will be taking his/her group into the gift shop. Our time is limited as we have to leave the park by 1:30 so my suggestion is to not spend much, if at all, of it in the gift shop.
Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions or concerns.

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