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April 27, 2018

I need you all to know how awesome you are.  Mrs. Hopkins and I have been talking about how wonderful it is to see you take the time with your children to work on homework together.  I am a firm believer that this time is not wasted. Not only does it boost self esteem in our littles but it creates a home/school connection that is so important.  You are able to see first hand what your child is learning and how much they are growing. Look at their writing! Look at their reading! Look at their math skills!  Without your help your child would not be this successful. I want you to know how much a value you all as caregivers and feel fortunate to work alongside you on this educational journey.  It surely does take a village, and I am honored to be part of yours.


Upcoming Dates



10  Community Helpers Field Trip

22 Talent Show SIGN UP

28 Memorial Day No School



7  Spring Concert

13 Davis Farmland

15 Field Day

21 ½ Day LAST DAY



Clorox wipes


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