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RCS Kindergarten Newsletter
September 30, 2016

We ROCK the Bucket Filling!!!!

Thank you to all that sent in snack items to sell we raised enough money to bring the cost down to $10.00/child! So wonderful! Thank you to Brittany Hermes for coming in to sell the snacks for us during snack time.
The chaperones joining us on the Red Apple Farm trip will be; Kris Ann Colo, Brittany Hermes, Frank Hermes, Andrea McAllister, Taylor Miano, Kim Lacasse, Kristen Archambault, and Carrie Guerrin. Let me know if I’ve missed anyone! Although I am not certain there will be any apples left we will be taking a hay ride to pick our pumpkins and feeding the animals!! Next trip is in the works…..:)

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We work on weekly books in the classroom and assign reading them as homework once a week. I strongly suggest keeping these books in a bag or such as go to books for them to read to you. Take turns reading or see what your child prefers. PLEASE know it it SO BENEFICIAL to read with your child DAILY. I cannot tell you how much this helps them become strong readers. Talk about the characters, and how the characters are feeling. It’s such a special time for not only your child but for you as it passes so quickly. Snuggle in and read together to create a love for reading and to create some little memories to tuck away forever.
Upcoming Dates
October 13 Red Apple Farm
Thank you for your support, it’s going to be a GREAT YEAR!
Mrs. Willhite 🙂
Mrs. Hopkins 🙂

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