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RCS Kindergarten Newsletter
January 20, 2016

Thank you to Bryce’s family for the extra snack donations!

Please arrange to pick up your child’s non-fiction project as soon as you are able, either before or after school. Thank you so much!

Upcoming Dates

January 20, Roller Skating Fundraiser @ Orange Armory 6-8
January 26 Twin Day ( I will be wearing my blue kindergarten t-shirt 🙂
February 1, ½ Day
February 10 Valentine’s Day Dance @RCS
February 7 ???? 100th Day of School …..To show our school spirit and commemorate this special day, our class is going to dress up like we are 100 years old. If your child would like to participate it’s easy! I don’t encourage you to buy a costume, but instead find items at home. Here are a few ideas that may help your child dress the part. For safety reasons, please wear school appropriate shoes. Thanks for helping us celebrate the 100th Day!
-hair curlers
-gray hair
-bow tie
-gray beard/mustache
-knee highs
February 14 Valentine’s Day Party
February 17 Favorite Character Day
February 20-24 Vacation

Looking for 3 washing machine sized boxes to make the houses from “The Three Little Pigs”.

Looking for paper towel rolls when you are done with them!

shaving cream

Mrs. Willhite
Mrs. Hopkins

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