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RCS Kindergarten Newsletter
November 9, 2016

We Love Our Veterans!
Special thanks to Jessica Schanz and Jim Barclay for coming in to speak to us about Veteran’s Day. We loved how you spoke about PEACE and BEING KIND and HELPFUL. Our RCS family sends nothing but love and respect for all that you have done and continue to do for our community.

We Voted!!!
We filled our “Responsibility Bucket”!!!!! Super proud of our littles and how well they have adjusted to kindergarten. They show kindness daily. They are becoming quite the little family. We created a voting booth in the classroom and even acted out how adults go to the polls to vote! Chocolate sprinkles won over chocolate chips. We celebrated with ice cream sundaes. YUM!

Things to work on at home…
tying shoes
letter and sounds (identifying and writing)
labeling our pictures
one more, one less
trick words

Kindergarten Performs
The next all school meeting our class will be performing. I’d LOVE to have you all there. I will let you know as soon as this meeting is scheduled. If you are not able to make it NO WORRIES we will video the performance. Also, all songs performed throughout the year will be performed again at our “Kindergarten Celebration Night” at the end of the year; this happens to be the best night of the year ;)!

We practiced “Lock Down” and “Shelter in Place” drills this week. The children were told very little about these drills and practiced them happily. Please let me know if you have any questions.

We are heading into our next unit “Animals and Habitats”. We are so excited to turn a part of our classroom into a cave. If you have any items (large boxes, paper bags, etc) to help create this habitat let us know!

Family Project
Next week we will be starting our “Non-Fiction” or “Informational” books unit. The children are to pick an animal to research and create a display on. They will present their project in class as well as during our “Non Fiction Project” day here at RCS. We would love to have you come! Please be sure to include where these animals are found, what they eat, their habitat and anything that makes them special! These projects are due by the beginning of January.
Upcoming Dates

November 17 Magic Wings!
November 23 ½ Day & K-2 Harvest Feast
November 24-24 No school
December 14 ½ Day
SpReAd KiNdNeSs AlWaYs 😉
Mrs. Willhite 🙂
Mrs. Hopkins 🙂

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