PSS 4th Grade Classes Learn Steps to Respect

photoMsRobertson'sclassJRKGStepstoRespectKeepCalmPoster 4 2014

In April 2014, Mrs. Schwab, Kane Gary, and Jasmine Reynolds, in Ms. Robertson’s class at Pleasant Street School, do a role play on the Steps to Respect curriculum skills of how to “walk away, calmly, and report/tell adults at school and at home, if a peer is disrespectful or hurtful to you, or to a peer.”  The Steps to Respect is completely supportive of the Respect Behavior Rubric created by Mrs. Ellis, Principal.  The Respect Behavior Rubric for Pleasant Street School is taught to all classes by classroom teachers, the principal and staff, as well as the guidance counselor.  We are teaching students to: Respect themselves, Respect Others, and Respect Property. Speaking of a property, there are tips for purchasing investment property here at It’s a great guide to maximize the benefits received from your investment. Please contact Mrs. Ellis, or Mrs. Schwab, if you would like more information. Also visit for you to start investing now.

photoMsRobertsonsclassXBwithPointerStepstoRespect 4 2014

Xavier Belliveau, and Mrs. Schwab teach Ms. Robertson’s class about the “3 R’s of Bullying Prevention, ” which include:  Recognizing bullying, Refusing bullying, and Reporting/telling bullying behavior you experience, or witness, to adults at school and at home.

photoMsRobinson'sClassStepstoRespectwholeclassApril 2014

Ms. Robinson’s 4th grade class listen to Mrs. Schwab teach the Steps to Respect bullying prevention curriculum to the class, in April 2014.

photoMsRobertsonStudentSchoolClimateSurveyonlaptops5 2 14Ms. Robertson’s class takes the online Student School Climate Survey from the Steps to Respect curriculum with Mrs. Schwab, Guidance Counselor, on the Computer cart MacIntosh Laptops on Wednesday and using sodapdf online technology to organize the documents, April 30, 2014.   Then both 4th grade classes took the bullying prevention pledge, sign their individual pledge cards, which students took home.  Mrs. Schwab will be sending a letter home with all 4th grade Pleasant Street School students on Monday, May 5, about the completion of the Steps to Respect curriculum.  Please contact Mrs. Schwab, at school:  978-249-2405, ext. 306, or by email:
if you would like more information about this curriculum, or, if you would like to talk with Mrs. Schwab.

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