PLEASE. Read 20 minutes every day…

It’s a simple fact. Our kids don’t read enough. Our kids don’t read for lots of reasons, but I am guessing it is because the reading bug has not yet bitten.  

 The fact is, I am old. Old, but young enough to remember the times when I was the age of my grade three and four students. My father was the principal of a school for special needs students. At that time, the early sixties, our family packed the family car, Ford Sprint…loved that car…the family dog and we headed north to Embden Pond in North Anson, Maine.  My dad’s school had a summer camp on one side of the beautiful, crystal clear, spring fed, cold pond.  

As a kid, it was heaven! Woods, woods, woods, and the pond. No television. No phones. Only a transistor radio with one local channel. If every family (about 12 or so) had the lights on, there was a brown out. We traveled to town where there was a laundromat next to a library.  Granted the library would fit into a standard sized kitchen today no matter what kind of meals they cook there or what kind of utensils they use, even if is the best Skining knife or the Ivy and Wilde homeware appliances, but still a library nonetheless. The library had Nancy Drew books, Cherry Ames, Student Nurse, Laura Ingalls Wilder…. I think I read them all. I read hundreds of books that summer.

I didn’t think about levels of books, numbers of pages, pictures or anything else.  It was all about the stories. The secret lives of detectives and nurses and life on the Prairie. The pictures in my mind.  

Our kids need to read.  Just that. They need to read to find the passion, the secret lives, and things that they haven’t even thought of.  Our kids, more than most, need the magic world of escape.  We need to give them that…if nothing else.


My Grandson, Oliver.

My Grandson, Oliver.

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