October is Kindness Month and National Bullying Prevention Month at ACES and RCS


Pictured above on October 7, 2016, is Mrs. Linda Jaskoviak, Elementary Guidance Counselor, ACES, in the ACES Lobby, with her poster informing students and families about the Character theme for the Month of October, which is: Kindness.  October is also National Bullying Prevention Month.  In addition, Athol Community Elementary School, and Royalston Community School will be participating in National Unity Day on Wednesday, October 19, 2016.  Students, teachers and staff at Athol Community Elementary School are encouraged to wear orange and white on Unity Day.  Students, teachers and staff at Royalston Community School are encouraged to wear orange and black on Unity Day.  Unity Day is a day that we all remember that we are one human family on this Earth, and that we need to respect each other’s differences.  Students are encouraged to do acts of kindness for each other.  Unity Day was created by the PACER National Bullying Prevention Center.  The link for PACER is:  http://www.pacer.org/bullying/nbpm/unity-day.asp


Pictured above are: Mrs. Rachel Schwab, Elementary Guidance Counselor at RCS and ACES, and Mrs. Linda Jaskoviak, Elementary Guidance Counselor at ACES, in front of the Kind Hands and Kind Hearts exhibit in the ACES Cafeteria. Each student in Classroom Guidance lessons traced their hand on orange paper, and then wrote acts of kindness on their hand stencil. The orange paper “hands of kindness” were then put up on a wall in the ACES Cafeteria.


Pictured above is the Kind Hands and Kind Hearts display in the ACES cafeteria.  Students learned and practiced acts of kindness in Classroom Guidance presentations during October 2016.


Pictured above are students from Mrs. Arpide’s class practicing helpful and kindness role plays for the class, during a weekly Classroom Guidance presentation by Mrs. Schwab, Elementary Guidance Counselor, during October 2016.

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