News to Share?

Our students and families are involved in many exciting activities and events in the community.  Do you have pictures or videos from sporting events, dance, Boy Scouts or Girls Scouts that you want to share?  At school we have a “who’s in the news” bulletin board and we cut out and post pictures from the local paper of children from our school and our Pleasant Street alumni who are making the news. We are happy to post pictures and videos of school and community interest here.

Highlight Clip-Recently a video of  Liam Ellis, son of Principal Ellis was posted making a half court basketball shot. As my son and as someone who has come to the school to help out on many occasions over the years, Liam is known to students at Pleasant Street who asked to see this video that had been sent to me.  I honored students request and posted it.  It was not meant to offend anyone of the greater Athol/Royalston Regional School District.

Dianne Ellis- Principal

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