Mrs. Tandy’s iPevo Breakthrough!

ipevocamI went into Mrs. Tandy’s classroom this week to help with her iPevo camera set-up when she demonstrated a concept that hadn’t occurred to me, but is something certainly worth sharing.

Mrs. Tandy’s iPevo came with the wireless unit which frees the camera from the projector. Normally, teachers will use the camera in a stationary position, such as at their desk, or from a cart. The teacher will generally bring the documents they want to project to the camera, but Mrs. Tandy decided to pick the camera up with the wireless unit and bring it directly to the student’s desks. In this way she can share the students’ work with the class with immediate results.

This technique also brings the kids into the lesson on a greater level as the kids love to have their work projected onto the class wall.

ipevo_wifiIf you have the wireless unit with your iPevo, all you need to do is charge the wifi unit (it takes 6 hours to fully charge) before you use it. The battery within the device will hold its charge for 4 hours.

If this sounds like something you would like to try in your classroom, please contact your building technology specialist for more details.

Congratulations Mrs. Tandy! Your creativity is inspiring!

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Christopher is a dedicated technology specialist who has been with the ARRSD since 2008.
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