Mr. LaRose


TOGETHER, we get through these times!

Joke of the day…Ya know I stayed up all night wondering where the sun went…THEN OUT OF THE BLUE IT DAWNED ON ME…!!!!

APUSH: I hope all is well. I have not forgotten to speak with you parents. There may be changes coming in our online policies just waiting to hear how that goes. I will keep you guys posted.

Today is about America and its involvement in World War I.

  1. Read all of Chapter 21 in your red book. This is a collection of essays on America from 1890-1918.
  2. Read the Two Articles that I have enclosed on Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points.
  3. Looking ahead…Read chapter 4 from the book “Satisfaction Guaranteed” which is a look to the next topic we will cover. The Roaring 20’s and it crass consumerism.

World History: The official close of the Stock Market Game is tomorrow. So today will mark the end of your stock assignments. Here are today’s assignments for you.

  1. For Friday or Saturday, I would like you to complete the following activities:
    • Complete Interpreting Statistics Worksheet (See Download)
    • Complete Tackling Complex Problems Worksheet(See Download)
    • On Thursday, take picture of the Account Summary and Account Holdings screens to show me how your team ended up doing in this simulation. Email me the picture.
    • Concluding activity: Please complete a paragraph explaining you learned by participating in the Stock Market Game. Did you actually make money in what is really the worst possible time to be in the Stock Market?

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