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Welcome to Mr. Lacharite’s Music Class page. I will be posting music lessons for all grade levels here and will also be using email to communicate with you. Be sure to check this site, and starting on Monday, you will find your lessons. Stay safe!

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Kindergarden: h

Kindergarten: tjalsey

Grade 1: tzxudmu

Grade 2: s6ksig4

Grade 3: anf6nre

Grade 4: 5cfqv4d

Grade 5: bqzeltc

Grade 6: gmalgm3

Here is something for grades 4-6

For our Kindergarten and Grade 1 students:

Grades 5 and 6

All Grades

Brass Instrument Word Search

Here is a picture that describes many songs that were written and performed by The Beatles. With the help of a parent, how many can you find?

May 4

Here are this weeks lessons. There are three short videos that are all about how to read music. There will be more coming, and by the end of all of the lessons, you will be able to read and write your own music! You can also download the pictures to help you remember.

Video 1 – The staff

Video 2 – Note Names

Video 3 – Time Signatures

An Irish Lullabye to learn

Song with voice

Song without voice

Lesson 4 – Rests

Lesson 5 – Dots and Ties

Grades 5 and 6: This is your last chance to participate! Choose an African-American musician and in three paragraphs tell me 1. Who this person is, 2. Why he or she is important, and 3., describe a song by this person and tell me what it is about. Take a picture and send it to me at

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