Kindergarten News 1-30-15

Kindergarten Newsletter
January 30, 2015

I am so happy to report to you that our application for help in funding our field trips was GRANTED! AREF (Athol-Royalston Educational Foundation) granted us with the funds needed to go on 2 field trips this year! I am working on planning a “Community Helpers” field trip and a trip to Davis’ Farmland for the spring. I am SO EXCITED!! Thank you, AREF!

Thank You!
Thank you to Elise’s family for sending in snacks! Thank you to Isabelle’s family for sending in crayons!
“Snack Attack” and “School Store”
FYI Miss Carol (our cafeteria worker) provides snacks daily that can be purchased. These snacks are usually chips and/or fruit. This is a service offered but is not required. Some children call it “Snack Attack” and some parents were confused :). “School Store” is also open on Fridays. Our student council sells small items (pencils, erasers, small toys) weekly. If you are interested in sending in money for either of these PLEASE do so in a LABELED envelope. Thanks!
Family Project
The children have been introduced to non-fiction texts aka “informational” texts. They are enjoying reading about animals and winter. For this family project I’d like you to pick an animal to study together. You may pick any animal. Please report on the animals habitat, what the animal does during the winter, what they eat as well as anything else. Please have one labeled picture of the animal. You may complete this project together…so ENJOY! Feel free to do a poster to show your findings. Other ideas are always welcome! Send them in when completed and we will share with the class anytime before February vacation. If you need books and/or supplies let me know.
Chet Hall Memorial Pancake Breakfast
RCS will be sponsoring a pancake in honor of a great man that we lost a year ago. Chet Hall, Nurse Hall’s husband, passed suddenly last year. Chet was a one of a kind man. He worked hard as a school committee member to ensure that our children got the best and was always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. The Hall family suffered a great loss, as did our RCS community. In his honor, RCS put on a very special “Chet Hall Memorial Pancake Breakfast” to raise monies to the scholarship set up in him name. We are looking for donations for the silent auction, pastries and/or breads for the event and of course any donation to the scholarship fund itself. You may do so by visiting the Athol Savings Bank and depositing directly into the “Chet Hall Memorial Scholarship Fund” or kindly drop your donation off at RCS anytime. The breakfast will be on March 21, 2015 at RCS from 8-11:30. Tickets will be sold ahead of time here at RCS or you may buy at the door. We will also be holding a silent auction with all sorts of items to win! If interested in donating towards this event please let me know!!

We will be celebrating our 100th Day of School on Thursday, February 12th. Please have your child send in a collection of 100 small items that can be manipulated into sets of 100. Ideas are cereal, pennies, marshmallows. Please don’t send in anything that rolls. 🙂
Skills to work on at home..
Writing names using upper and lower case letters
LAST names
Letters and their sounds
Tying shoes!!
comparing length and weight
Reading together!
Writing letters, labeling and writing words
5 Finger Retell
Fiction vs non-fiction

Upcoming Events…
January 30 6-8 PTG Roller-Skating Night Orange Armory
February 4 ½ Day
February 13 @12:50 Valentine’s Day Party
February 16-20 Break
March 21 Chet Hall Memorial Pancake Breakfast @RCS 8-11:30
Valentine’s Day Party
We will be having a party to celebrate our friends on Friday, February 13th @ 12:50. Your children are welcome to bring valentine’s cards to exchange. I’d like to offer a small snack of healthy treats to the children to enjoy while opening their cards. If you would like to send something in please reply in your child’s agenda. Ideas could be fruit, crackers, cheese, veggies, popcorn, pretzels etc. I am in need of some folks that would be willing to help the children put the cards into their friend’s mailboxes. Please let me know if you are able to help out.
Donations welcome
classroom snacks

Much Love!

Mrs. Willhite & Mrs. Hopkins 🙂

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