Keeping it Warm in Winter

winter kidsNow that the cold of winter weather has arrived there a few things to think about to keep everyone healthy and safe!  Warm clothing to keep our bodies covered and warm is essential. Layered clothing is recommended as it allows us to add or remove clothing depending on the temperature and our comfort level. Our skin also needs protection from the temperature and the dryness of cold air. Exposed skin can freeze and frostbite can occur in 15 minutes in 0 degree weather and sooner when there is wind. Extra care is needed when there are frigid conditions. Younger children are at higher risk for cold injuries so extra attention for proper warm clothing is important.

When the weather is cold; the air is dry, hydration is very important. Increased fluids, by drinking more water should be encouraged, so the use of water bottles is important and you can even get Custom Water bottles online with any brand. Chapstick in your child’s backpack can help them prevent chapped lips. Applying lotion to face and body after showering will help prevent chaffing and dry skin. Extra pants and socks in your child’s backpack are helpful when clothes get wet.
School is a great resource for winter wear that you may need for your child. Please call the school if you are in need of winter clothing items.
Please keep your children warm and safe in the cold. If you need reliable plumbing service please checkout the link.

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