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RCS Kindergarten News

RCS Kindergarten News

October 6, 2017


Thank you to Isla’s family for sending in extra snacks!


We practiced our first “Lock Down” drill.  We sat  in a special spot and talked about why and if we would ever have to sit there quietly.  As discussed with you at orientation, the  example used  was the scared raccoon in the building. Please let me know if you have any questions at all!


Red Apple Farm Field Trip is a………GO!

Tuesday, October 31st  8:30-11:30 …yes, this is Halloween!



Amy Burnham

Sarah Burke

Emily Gauvin

Lindsey Kimball

Tom Cummings

Dusty Landry

Ashley Charron

Please email me if I forgot you!!!!


Upcoming Events…


October 9 No School Columbus Day

10 Picture Day THIS IS A CHANGE!!!!

25 ½ Day

27   PTG Halloween Dance

31 The Red Apple Farm field trip


Please send in snacks daily

Sign,send back  AND EMPTY agendas and folders daily

Our “Lost and Found” is overflowing.  Please LABEL your child’s clothing and let me know if you are missing anything!


Things to work on at home…

Number writing

Letter writing

Tying shoes



Classroom snacks (they sure are hungry little buggers 😉





Mrs. Willhite and Mrs. Hopkins

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RCS Kindergarten

RCS Kindergarten News

September 7, 2017


WOW!  I cannot thank you all enough for the “Wish List” items that you all sent in!  I don’t know who sent what but please know how grateful I am!  You are all so supportive and this did not go unnoticed!


We had a great start to the school year.  What a kind, energetic groups of littles!  I’m so excited to get to know them more.  


Next week we will start with a letter review each week.  We work on identifying the letter, knowing its sound and writing the letter.  On Mondays, homework will be to send in 3 items from home that start with the letter of the week.  Make this fun!  If  you cannot find items please feel free to cut pictures out of magazines or draw said items.  In a couple of weeks we will also be starting with “Snap Words”.  Feel free to practice these words at home.  We will also be sending home books to practice.  These do not have to come back to school.  I suggest you put them in a special place for a go to bag as they become very proud readers! Some books your child may be able to read and some you will read together.  Enjoy this snuggle time!!  Remind your child to look at the pictures for clues and point to the words as you read them.

Upcoming Events…

September 18-21 Scholastic Book Fair

18 Open House 6-7

20 ½ Day noon dismissal

27 Picture Day

27 PTG Meeting @6:00

29 Walk-a-thon

October 9 No School Columbus Day



Dean’s Beans fundraisers

Send in extra clothes

Sneakers on gym days (Fridays)

Sign and send back agendas and folders daily



Classroom snacks


Much love and appreciation,

Mrs. Willhite and Mrs. Hopkins

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RCS Kindergarten News 🙂

RCS Kindergarten News



April/May Family Project

In class we will be reading a new series called “Flat Stanley”.  Flat Stanley is a little boy that had a little accident and became very flat!  He now enjoys to go all over the world on adventures.  Each child will be bringing home a Stanley.  Feel free to bring him places with you!  Don’t forget to take pictures!  Sometimes Stanley is even mailed to different parts of the country, and world!  Have fun with this!


Upcoming Events…

April 13 Field trip to MWCC to see James and the Giant Peach NO CHAPERERONES NEEDED

April 13 Talent Show and Cake Raffle @ RCS

April 17 – 21 April Vacation

May 25 Community Helpers Field Trip

June 8 Davis Farmland Field Trip


Special Thanks and Donations

Thank you to Amelie and Bryce’s families for sending in classroom snacks!

In need of some Clorox wipes if able to donate


Your children are SUCH GIFTS.  Thank you for sharing them with us!

Much Love,

Mrs. Willhite

Mrs. Hopkins

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RCS Kindergarten ROCKS :0)

Kindergarten Newsletter

January 27, 2017

100th Day…as of now our celebration will be on February 9th. Please send in a collection of 100 items. Ideas could be 100 cheerios, goldfish, pennies etc. It would be helpful if these items did not roll. They will be placed on a mat with 10 circles to display in our “100th Day Museum”. If you chose, we will also be dressing up as if we were 100 years old. So excited!

Things to work on at home

trying shoes

tapping out words

vowel sounds

trick words

Always, always, ALWAYS READ TOGETHER. To extend this wonderful snuggle time talk about how the characters FEEL in the book. Ask questions such as… how do you know he/she feels that way? Where did the story take place?

Please remember to update your child’s dry bag of clothes.

Upcoming dates to know

February 1st Kindergarten Registration opens (for children attending in the fall)

February 1st ½ Day

February 3rd New England Patriots’ Day

February 8th-10th Hershey Kiss Valentine sale

February 9th 100th Day

February 14th Valentine’s Day party

February 17th Favorite Character Day

SpReAd KiNdneSs 🙂

Mrs. Willhite

Mrs. Hopkins

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RCS K News

RCS Kindergarten Newsletter
January 20, 2016

Thank you to Bryce’s family for the extra snack donations!

Please arrange to pick up your child’s non-fiction project as soon as you are able, either before or after school. Thank you so much!

Upcoming Dates

January 20, Roller Skating Fundraiser @ Orange Armory 6-8
January 26 Twin Day ( I will be wearing my blue kindergarten t-shirt 🙂
February 1, ½ Day
February 10 Valentine’s Day Dance @RCS
February 7 ???? 100th Day of School …..To show our school spirit and commemorate this special day, our class is going to dress up like we are 100 years old. If your child would like to participate it’s easy! I don’t encourage you to buy a costume, but instead find items at home. Here are a few ideas that may help your child dress the part. For safety reasons, please wear school appropriate shoes. Thanks for helping us celebrate the 100th Day!
-hair curlers
-gray hair
-bow tie
-gray beard/mustache
-knee highs
February 14 Valentine’s Day Party
February 17 Favorite Character Day
February 20-24 Vacation

Looking for 3 washing machine sized boxes to make the houses from “The Three Little Pigs”.

Looking for paper towel rolls when you are done with them!

shaving cream

Mrs. Willhite
Mrs. Hopkins

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