January Newsletter

January 6, 2014


A new year has begun and with it new hopes for our families and ourselves. This school year is going by so quickly and we have much to do in first grade for the month of January.

This month (towards the end of January) we will begin our weekly reading tests. These tests will be based on the story we have read during the week and will test your child in reading comprehension, vocabulary and open response writing. These tests will be used for grading on your child’s report card as well.

This week we will begin our 5 minute math test. This weekly test is something I give to all my first graders from January until June. The goal for this test is to reach 100 math facts correctly in 5 minutes. This speed test will increase your child’s math skills and become more accurate at basic addition math facts. Every child who reaches 25, 50, and 75 math facts will receive a special math pencil. Anyone who reaches the goal of 100 math facts will receive $10.00 in free books from the Scholastic book orders. You may want to invest in or make flashcards for your child to practice at home so that he/she will become more fluent in basic math facts.

One of our writing goals this month is to practice staying on topic when writing a story. We will learn to write a story with a beginning, middle and end and stay on topic throughout the story. We will practice using a beginning topic sentence and using supporting sentences for the middle and end part of the story. A few of our writing projects this month will include writing about living in a snowglobe, a snowman that comes to life, non-fiction writing about penguins, and we will also make a journey book to coincide with our journey reading unit.

January is the month we will also test your child for fluency reading with our DIBELS test. Students should be able to read 20 words per minute with no errors in January and 40 by the end of first grade. We will also be administering our winter benchmarks in math and ELA. Lots of assessments and writing this month!!

In science we will learn about penguins and their habitats. We will also write facts we learn about penguins and hang them in our hallway for all to read. We will learn about hibernation and which animals hibernate partially and ones that hibernate in a deep sleep. In social studies we will learn about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the impact he had on society.

Just a reminder that library is on Thursdays for our class. Please have your child bring in his/her book on that day or before so another book can be taken out. Thank you to Alyssa and Owen’s mom for running our library.

I want to thank all the parents that sent in gifts and food for our party. Thank you also for sending in supplies for our classroom. They are very much appreciated.

Dates to Remember

January 6 PTO Meeting

January 17 No School-Prof. Dev. Day

January 20 No School- MLK Day

I hope you all enjoy the upcoming year and all that it holds for you!

Holly Cetto

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