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RCS Kindergarten Newsletter

Freedom, freedom, let it ring.
“Let it ring, said Dr. King.
Let us live in harmony.
Peace and love for you and me.
Freedom, freedom let it ring.
“Let it ring,” said Dr. King.

January 15,2016

Please send your child in with appropriate outdoor clothing. Winter coats, hats, gloves and/or mittens are a must. It would be helpful for you to send in a pair of shoes that they can change into from their boots. The children go outside if weather is above 20 degrees. Sometimes it can be very cold!

Ask your child about our new word “Schema” and what “capacity” means!

Things to work on at home
Letters and sounds
Trick Words
writing letters and numbers
tying shoes
beginning and ending sounds
vowel sounds

January Family Project
We will continue to study non-fiction/informational books. Please create a project however you’d like to research something of interest to your child. Animals, planets and dinosaurs are a few that come to mind. 😉 Please send these in anytime during the month of January.

Special Thanks
Thank you to Noah Eugene’s mom for sending in napkins! Thank you to Noah Linskey’s mom for helping with math groups!

I have some bowls, cookie cutters to return if you are missing any!

Upcoming dates
1/14 PTG Meeting 6:00 @RCS
1/15 No School for students (PD for teachers)
1/18 No School MLK Day
1/22 PTG Fundraiser Rollerskating @ Orange Armory 6-8:00
2/3 ½ Day
2/15-2/19 February vacation
Donations appreciated
classroom snacks ( we are almost out!)

Spread Kindness!
Mrs. Willhite 🙂
Mrs. Hopkins 🙂

Let’s have the children put together a surprise basket for Catarina. As you know, sadly her family lost their home in a fire last week. If you are able to please send in a toy, game, puzzle, coloring book, reading book or ANYTHING that your child thinks Catarina would like. You do not need to buy anything new, if your child wants to give something from their things that is a great gift right from their sweet little hearts. I’d like to have this basket delivered on Friday so please send in any items this week.


Mrs. Willhite & Mrs. Hopkins 🙂

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