Is it a Cold, Flu or Allergy


Sometimes the symptoms we experience can be confusing as they are the same as what we have when ill with a cold or flu, or maybe an allergy. So what’s the difference?

The most common symptoms of a cold are; productive cough, sneezing, sore throat, runny nose, stuffy nose.

The most common symptoms of an allergy are; itchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose.

The symptoms of the flu are more intense than a cold; fever, body aches, extreme tiredness, dry cough. The flu can progress to serious health problems such as pneumonia, bacterial infections, or hospitalizations. If you think that you or your child may have the flu, make an appointment to see your physician. It is possible that you could be prescribed a medication to shorten the duration of the flu.

If your child has a fever, especially a fever with a cough or sore throat, please keep her/him home from school. When your child no longer has a fever (without the use of Tylenol or Motrin) for 24 hours then s/he may return to school.

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