How to use Gmail with Google Apps

How to use Gmail with Google Apps [image: Google] Hi WP Work smarter with Gmail and Google Apps [image: Calendar] Manage Calendar meetings Google Calendar makes scheduling meetings easy with shared calendars. You’ll get invites and reminders and can even join a scheduled video meeting right from your inbox. [image: Send Large files] Use Drive to send large files Send huge files in Gmail (up to 5TB) using Google Drive . Plus, files stored in Drive stay up-to-date automatically so everyone has the most recent version and can access them from anywhere. [image: Collaborate] Collaborate on documents Get email alerts when someone comments on your shared document in Docs , Sheets and Slides . To respond to the comment, just reply to the email. [image: Forms] Get quick answers with Forms Send Google Forms via email. Recipients can complete forms and respond right from their inbox. [image: Gmail icon] Happy emailing, The Gmail Team © 2016 Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043

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