How To Rotate an Image in WordPress

Recently, WordPress had an update which eliminated a plug-in that we were using to auto rotate photographs uploaded from the ipads. Ipad photos tend to rotate improperly within WordPress because Apple Computers has left out information commonly used to keep photos upright. This is how to fix the rotation matter within WordPress itself.

1) Open the post in ‘edit’ mode where you have inserted photos into. Click or hover over the photograph (depending on your OS) until you see the editing bar appear over the image. Click the pencil.

2. Click ‘Edit Original’

3. Click the button in red circle ‘1’ to rotate the image to its proper position. Click the button in red circle ‘2’ in order to save the rotation changes.

4. Click ‘Back’ to return to post edit page.

5. Update the post and rejoice! Your photo has been properly rotated and will appear properly in the post.

About Christopher Tamulevich

Christopher is a dedicated technology specialist who has been with the ARRSD since 2008.
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