Below you will find the homework assignments for the week. If you click on the red links, you can access the documents handed out in class. This will come in handy should you leave a document at school. Remember, homework is due in class the following day unless otherwise noted. If you do not completely understand an assignment, simply do your best on it and come to class with your questions. Don’t leave it blank. Some assignments are graded based on accuracy or a grading rubric. Students are notified in advance if an assignment is graded in such a way.

Plate Tectonics Quiz Friday!

Monday –  Step 5 of Peer Teach Assignment – Create three quiz questions – Due 12/12

Tuesday – Complete position statement about Pangaea and Continental Drift if not done in class. – Due 12/13

Wednesday – Flash cards – plate tectonics vocabulary – Due 12/14

Thursday – Study for plate tectonics, continental drift, and Pangaea quiz tomorrow.

Friday – No homework