Monday–  How do stars shine?– Due 10/16

Tuesday – REVISED ASSIGNMENT! This was changed in class today. How do scientists classify stars  – Due 10/17

Wednesday – REVISED ASSIGNMENT – Varies by class! Life Cycle of a Star Packet

Yellow – Finish/correct your graphs from class if needed. Take two column notes on the Life Cycle of a Star packet in your lab notebooks.

Red – Read and take notes on the first page of the packet and complete page 1 on the back.

Green – Complete your two column notes in your lab notebook and the questions (all pages)

Blue – Complete all of the packet questions.

Thursday – Quiz tomorrow on the following: What makes stars shine? (Study two column notes and handout 14.); How do we classify stars? (Study two column notes and handout 16); What are the stages of a stars life cycle? How do they differ for large mass vs. medium and low mass stars? (Study two column notes and handout 12) AND Evolution of stars vocabulary

Friday –  Star Life Cycle Quiz!


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