Grade 9 Posture Screening

Normal Spine

According to Massachusetts state law c. 71 s. 57 high school students in grade 9 are to have their posture screened.  During the school year students in grade 9 have the opportunity to have their posture checked by the school physician.  A letter is sent home with the student in the fall allowing the choice of being screened at school or by your own physician. Should you choose to have your own physician screen your child’s posture, please have him/her complete the form that is attached to the letter and then submit the completed form to the school nurse.

scoliosis spineThe screening allows for problems with the spinal column to be detected. The physician determines if the spine is normally curved or abnormally curved such as in scoliosis or kyphosis.

For more information about scoliosis go to, click on Conditions + Treatment, click on Scoliosis

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