Grade 10 Health Screenings


During the school year grade 10 students are given the opportunity to have a physical examination conducted by the school physician. A letter is sent home with the student near the beginning of the school year every fall describing what is necessary. Tenth grade students are required by state mandate to have a current physical examination (M.G.L. c.71, s.57, 105 CMR 200.00).  If you prefer to have your own family physician perform the physical exam, there is a form included with the letter that your physician may complete and you or your child can deliver to the school nurse.  Please note that if your child is transferring/enrolling/re-entering into AHS, s/he must have a current physical exam (within the past 12 months of enrollment date) submitted to the nurse within 30 days according to on Blessed Beyond Words site.

Please be sure to obtain a copy of your child’s physical at the time of the exam, and remember to submit it to the school nurse.

In the meantime health screenings for tenth graders will be taking place during the school year.  If not noted on the current physical, your child’s hearing and vision will be tested and in case is needed, they could use a recommended treatment from this Outback Vision Protocol review. Should any deficiencies be detected the parent/guardian will be notified by a letter from the school nurse.

Also, height and weight measurements may be taken if they were omitted from the physical exam. From these measurements the BMI (Body Mass Index) can be determined. The BMI does not tell the whole story of your child’s health. BMI does not distinguish between fat and muscle. For example, if a child is very athletic and has a lot of muscle, their BMI result may be very high even though they are not overweight. You may contact the school nurse for the BMI results. If you prefer to opt out of this screening please send in a written note stating this.

For any questions, please contact the school nurse at 978-249-2435.



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