Use the student account for your child. The account is typically the first initial, middle initial, last name

Check this out for live demo of adding your child to a chromebook.

Ask your student or the student’s teacher for their password or email me. ( I have to seek your confirmation. (I will ask for the last 3 digits of your listed home phone or attempt to message you on facebook).

We will do what we can to assist! ADD QUESTIONS BELOW AND WE WILL RESPOND ASAP.

Remember to use the student’s account when ever google tutorials call for a ‘google account’.

Want to remove other users?

4 Responses to GOOGLE HELP

  1. Daniel Ziguloski says:

    When I enter my daughter’s user info, I get an error saying “Google account doesn’t exist” My daughter is Joslynn Nadeau in Darlene Goldthwaite’s Kindergarten class. I’m entering jmnadeau and is already populated in the text bar.

  2. Christopher Tamulevich says:

    If you have a pre k or k student and are having problems logging in a google account you can email me at or comment here. I’ve opened an account to resolve your issue and sent an email,Daniel. Thanks for reaching out!

  3. Mike F says:

    We are getting a “contact your account administrator message when attempting to access my son’s email account.

  4. Admin says:

    Mr. Fitzgerald,

    For now student emails have been locked until some details of use are clarified. Rylee and Lillian can still access the district web site for online learning and use google docs if needed to send anything to their classroom teachers. Sorry for any confusion during this time of remote learning.

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